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Social, Environmental & Economic Impact

At Heritage Affordable Communities, our leadership team boasts a wealth of experience and a collective commitment to advancing the affordable housing sector. They provide the strategic direction and expertise needed to drive positive change in our mission. Together with our dedicated and diverse team, we work diligently to make affordable housing more accessible, creating stronger, inclusive communities.

PRINCIPAL | Alex’s Background & Vision

Leadership - Alex Hajibay

PRINCIPAL | Alex’s Background & Vision

Over the years, Alex has been at the forefront of Heritage’s dedicated focus on affordable housing, leading to the successful establishment of our company. This evolution has transformed Heritage into a vertically integrated firm, complete with in-house development, construction, asset management, and property management capabilities.

As Heritage Affordable Communities’ Principal, Alex constantly shapes the company’s investment and impact strategies. To preserve the opportunistic core value of our firm, Alex engages with industry leaders to gain insight into capital markets, legislation, and market trends. Because partnerships are at the forefront of our industry, Alex strives to build relationships that are mutually beneficial and founded on integrity.

“We make a pledge to future generations, a promise to bridge the gap between housing needs and resources while delivering a return on investment. We understand that affordable housing is not just a necessity; it’s the foundation upon which individuals and families build their lives and dreams.

As we embark on this journey, we remain resolute in our commitment to positively impact the affordable housing landscape, one community at a time. Together, with unwavering determination, we are reshaping the future of affordable housing and demonstrating that impactful, profitable solutions are not mutually exclusive.”