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Solving the Affordable Housing Shortage

Our mission at Heritage Affordable Communities is clear: to bring affordable housing to everyone. Our identity is rooted in our unwavering commitment to this mission, and our strength lies in our collaborations with top-tier stakeholders in the affordable housing sector. Together, we are working diligently to make affordable housing a reality.


MISSION | Investing with Impact
IDENTITY | Journey and Vision
STAKEHOLDERS | Partners in Our Journey

MISSION | Invest with Impact

Heritage Affordable Communities strives to solve the nationwide affordable housing gap by acquiring, developing, and preserving quality affordable housing through affordability, sustainability, and impact.

By strategically managing resources and investments, we ensure the longevity and impact of our ambitions to reinvest in our communities, fund innovative solutions, and expand our nationwide impact.

IDENTITY | Journey and Vision

Heritage Affordable Communities is a privately owned real estate development and preservation company that specializes in the affordable housing space across the country. Since our inception, our firm has prided itself on staying in tune with real estate market shifts to remain vigilant and opportunistic. We recognize the impact that changing economic and legislative landscapes have on our communities and make it a priority to ensure the livelihood of our projects long term.

The company first established its operations within the five boroughs of New York City. After years of preserving and extending affordability on multiple projects in New York City, our firm began to expand its impact nationwide, one community at a time. We strategically partner and engage with city, state, and federal agencies to preserve and support low-income housing communities.

STAKEHOLDERS | Partners in Our Journey

We have worked with industry-leading affordable housing attorneys, housing agencies, non-profits, and tax-credit syndicators. These relationships have helped our certainty of execution and made us one of the fastest-growing buyers in the country.


Lenders facilitate the construction, renovation, or acquisition of housing that is affordable for low- and moderate-income families. Through regulatory agreements, lenders govern the duration for which the buildings must remain affordable and ensure that reserves are funded for future operating and replacement costs.

Housing Agencies

Housing agencies are instrumental in shaping and implementing affordable housing policies and programs. They work to ensure that affordable housing remains accessible to those in need and that housing markets are fair and equitable. Their efforts are essential in addressing housing affordability challenges and promoting stable, healthy communities.


Tax-credit syndicators play a pivotal role in affordable housing by bringing together investors, structuring deals, facilitating tax credit allocation, and managing investor relations. Their expertise and financial acumen are essential for the successful development and operation of affordable housing projects.


Non-profits collaborate with affordable housing developers to create public-private partnerships that leverage resources to achieve the preservation and development of affordable housing through real estate tax incentives, rental subsidies, and operating services.

Our Industry Relationships